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WRD - Your Defense Against Water Infiltration


Roof Repair

We exclusively provide commercial roofing repair services to our clients to remedy minor and critically dire problems compromising their roofing systems. This will be completed in order to eliminate damage to their assets and/or extend the longevity of the existing roofing system.

Emergency Roof Repair

WRD holds regular business hours however, we provide 24-7/365 Emergency Response Services. Regardless of the time of day, weekends, various weather or holidays. Our team understands there is no acceptably convenient criteria for a roofing dilemma. Emergency and holiday dispatches accrue increased rates. Typical response ranges within 2hrs or same business day.


Roof inspection

WRD will inspect the existing roofing systems of our clients for potential water infiltration issues and provide a strategy to rectify discovered issues. During an inspection we will analyze prospective deterioration factors and provide a procedure to extend the longevity of the system if feasible.

Roof Consulting

If inspection finds system failed or deteriorated beyond repair. WRD provides consultation for best replacement option. Proposed project design w/recommendations. Communication w/roofing suppliers, manufacturers and contractors. Consult with local, federal and state to abide laws. Supply estimated budgeting.


Preventative Maintenance

Inspection of existing roofing systems. General maintenance, minor repair or corrections w/documented analysis completed. Purpose- to uncover foreseeable future issues for correction and record current system conditions w/projected expiration period.

Punchlist Remediation

Inspection by 3rd party, WRD or manufacturer may reveal punchlist items {issue, repair, correction} necessary to be completed. It can be to award or resume warranty, fix a plausible water infiltration area or improper detail. WRD shall rectify the punchlist items via reports by industry standards.


Project Commissioning

Expert administrative management and command on behalf of the client with documentation, oversight and insight of project process. As well as evaluating that OSHA regulations, manufacturer specifications and industry standards are being enacted. Note: installation tasks completed by others.


WRD offers roof coatings as a long-term or short-term solution based on the condition and requirements for proper expert application.


Water Control Repair and Correction 

WRD will inspect and document deficiencies pertaining to the existing water controls associated with your roofing system. If the extent of deterioration, damage, etc is within a condition or state that can properly be repaired, secured or made watertight. Our team will implement a solution to remedy the problem to reinstate positive drainage.

Water Controls - gutter/downspout system, drains, scuppers, etc.

Accommodation/Deletion of  Components, Accessories, Units or Penetrations

WRD will work with property techs or vendors to install or delete components, accessories, penetrations and units in your system. A watertight sealed tie-in to the existing system by following manufacturer and industry standards will be completed.

Ex.} HVAC, penetrations, curbs, parapet, satellite, electrical, gas, skylights, hatches, safety provisions and more.


Government Contracting

WRD works closely with the U.S. Government and it's branches to provide commercial roofing solutions and analysis for issues that impede or impact government facilities. We are proud to be affiliated with NEPA Alliance and the PTAC {Procurement Technical Assistance Center}.

Insurance Claim Probing and Attestation with Expert Analysis

[Not in lieu of insurance company investigation by your insurer[ Our roofing expertise can be employed to inspect and diagnose root cause of a roof related issue. All findings are thoroughly documented and provided with expert explanation of determining factors of cause. Serves as precaution, guidance if insurer should be contacted and provides a layer of defense in claims.


Acts of God/Blow-off (Storm Weathering]

If mother nature wreaks havoc threatening your investment and livelihood, what do you do? Call WRD! Our emergency defense team immediately dispatches to help you weather the storm. We evaluate the crisis and an action plan is created to permanently or temporarily remedy your crisis. Available 24/7 - 365.


The Mastermind

Joseph William Petro

Our owner, Joseph Petro is a native of NEPA and has been in the commercial roofing industry since 2001. During his prestigious career, he has been employed by award winning local businesses. Contracted by a top 3 national roofing company for sensitive and complex projects called "Red Jobs". He has also been commissioned and consulted to implement and review roof specifications for many leading commercial roofing manufacturers.

In December of 2020, Joseph resigned from his administrative position to create an innovative commercial roofing company focused on the needs of its clients.

In June 2021, his modern vision of servicing the demands of the commercial roofing industry was realized with the launch of WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics.


Marywood University - Bachelor's in Communication Arts

Digital Media - Ad/Pr - Journalism

Photograph - Graphic Design - Cinematography

CTC {Career Technology Center} - Graphic Design, Contracting

JPetro Headshot.JPG

Get to Know Us

We Are Uniquely the First of its Kind

WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics is a licensed and insured limited liability commercial roofing company based in Scranton. Pa. Our mission is to provide a cost effective solution for commercial roofing issues. An installation of a new roofing system is financially burdensome, impacts your business and can create undue stress. At WRD, we strive to diagnose and repair your existing roofing system to extend its longevity whenever possible.

Other roofing contractors are focused on finding issues to upsell a new roof installation. However WRD is unique, our efforts to create a solution that will eliminate the issue without a new install is our goal. If your system has failed beyond repair, we can provide expert consultation on the best options available for a new roofing project by others in the industry. That way when you begin shopping for a new roof, you are fully confident in what is necessary and the price you should expect.

WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics is a member of the Scranton Chamber of Commerce. We also work with the U.S. Government, Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, Small Business Development Center and NEPA Alliance. 



OUR PHONE: (570) 507-2945

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are commercial roofing repairs a temporary solution?

Although the general perception of a roof repair may sound like a temporary Band-Aid, it's often a cost effective solution in many situations. The permanency of repairs is conditional upon the system's condition.

Will a roof repair void my existing warranty?

If your roof was replaced within the past 5 years, it is highly recommended the original installer be consulted.  However, if the original installer does not require consulting and system is under manufacturer warranty, we are capable of upholding your warranty. All work performed will be performed to industry standards and manufacturer specifications.

Most leaks reported are during inclement weather. Can a repair be made during inclement weather?

It's true, many roofing products are not designed for use in inclement weather conditions. However, there are a few products that are used to temporarily seal many issues. Following the inclement weather, our team can return to properly install a permanent repair.

How is pricing calculated?

Often, our services are priced on a T & M (Time & Materials) basis.  For larger repairs and projects, a proposal is designed including scope of work with pricing for your consideration.


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