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The Mastermind

Our owner, Joseph Petro is a native of NEPA and has been in the commercial roofing industry since 2001. During his prestigious career, he has been employed by award winning local businesses. Contracted by a top 3 national roofing company for sensitive and complex projects called "Red Jobs". He has also been commissioned and consulted to implement and review roof specifications for many leading commercial roofing manufacturers.

In December of 2020, Joseph resigned from his administrative position to create an innovative commercial roofing company focused on the needs of its clients.

In June 2021, his modern vision of servicing the demands of the commercial roofing industry was realized with the launch of WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics.


Marywood University - Bachelor's in Communication Arts

Digital Media - Ad/Pr - Journalism

Photograph - Graphic Design - Cinematography

CTC {Career Technology Center} - Graphic Design, Contracting

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