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We Are Uniquely the First of its Kind

WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics is a licensed and insured limited liability commercial roofing company based in Scranton. Pa. Our mission is to provide a cost effective solution for commercial roofing issues. An installation of a new roofing system is financially burdensome, impacts your business and can create undue stress. At WRD, we strive to diagnose and repair your existing roofing system to extend its longevity whenever possible.

Other roofing contractors are focused on finding issues to upsell a new roof installation. However WRD is unique, our efforts to create a solution that will eliminate the issue without a new install is our goal. If your system has failed beyond repair, we can provide expert consultation on the best options available for a new roofing project by others in the industry. That way when you begin shopping for a new roof, you are fully confident in what is necessary and the price you should expect.

WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics is a member of the Scranton Chamber of Commerce. We also work with the U.S. Government, Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, Small Business Development Center and NEPA Alliance. 

About WRD: About Us
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