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The WaterpRoof Watchdog - The Authority On Water Defense For Your Roof

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Welcome to The WaterpRoof Watchdog presented by WaterpRoof Roofing Diagnostics!

"Drowning, that is how I would describe our highly evolved 21st century world. Submerged and saturated in data, technology, misinformation synthesized from personal opinion or relayed as unalloyed truth and electronic social interaction. We are waterlogged by information but, ravenous for authentic edification and illumination. The world is unceasingly and turbulently capricious. There is no one subject or set of subjects that we can tolerably absorb to competently elevate our know-how. The most exigent skill to acquire presently is learning how to learn accurately again and mindfulness of being overloaded by the plethora of information sharing. With that said, we shall assist you in recalibrating your ability to focus on a single subject competently and close the floodgate of ineffectual data." - Joseph Petro, WRD Proprietor & Founder

Twice a week we will share our knowledge and experience about roofing and defending yourself against water infiltration. Our mission is simple. We want to provide tips, tricks, industry know-how, uncensored insider stratagem of the roofing trade and present tools to better equip you in protecting your property. Best part of all, it's unequivocally free!

Many contractors both roofing and other trades simply provide services in return for financial compensation. If they do provide blogs or "knowledge", it is embedded in a flood of self-hubristic swagger and sales jargon. We like to go against the grain, hence our unique business model.

This blog will also help navigate common issues, hopefully answer some questions you may have or not considered and assist you in extending the longevity of your roofing system.

The information incorporated is backed by industry experts which are licensed and certified. Their expertise with the products, techniques, strategies and applications have been utilized by leading roofing manufacturers and "Top 5 roofing companies in the U.S." This is not us selling you on our company, it serves the purpose of establishing our credibility to bestow accurate information to you. To take it a step further, here's a link. Not to our website or company Facebook page, but to my personal and public LinkedIn profile.

That's the first "construction-hack" I shall share. Details and questions are crucially significant to being a customer in construction. Know and be yourself, but also know your contractor and enough about your project. Don't get hung up on feeling dumb, thoughts of pestering, impressing or thoughts of it being overwhelming or over your head. Ask to record the meeting to retain the information being provided or say for your spouse to understand everything since they aren't there. No contractor should have an issue if they are on the up-and-up. It also legally protects you if you are sold a false bill of goods. However, make sure you record the question and them complying to your request. Do some research on the possible options of products or roofing systems as well as their pros and cons with reviews of the products or systems. Prepare a list of topics, questions or things you want clarity on because in the moment things fall through the cracks. The list should be on old school paper because if it's on your phone it seems rude, often contractors think you pulled a common contractor template on google and it shows you take this seriously {a shady contractor will think twice due to you being on top of things}. In addition, if you are recording you don't need to write responses which means you can hand them the list to address the topics like bullet points. {Helpful for those of us that are shy, less talking. Plus, it usefully displaces the pressure off you and on them and disrupts their well-rehearsed sales pitch.} Know your contractor by doing research on the company and the owner with resources not controlled by the company. Lastly, you are not a pest. Very good, proud and experienced contractors are gratified to show-off their knowledge and they appreciate the more casual conversation flow than awkward lags.

That concludes our first post for The WaterpRoof Watchdog! Hopefully it was helpful, painless and you decide to share and/or revisit. In sharing resources such as this, I personally hope and believe it may better my trade and change the bad reputation many unsatisfactory contractors have unfortunately established.

In the event you have additional questions, want to provide feedback or would like to suggest a topic please feel free to do so. Our mission is to help our readers! The best way for us to provide assistance is with knowing how we can or in which ways we have successfully accomplished doing so. Thanks for reading and visit our social network and/or website. I recommend this because we post media and other information similar to the content of this post.

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