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Frequently Asked Questions

Are commercial roofing repairs a temporary solution?

Although the general perception of a roof repair may sound like a temporary Band-Aid, it's often a cost effective solution in many situations. The permanency of repairs is conditional upon the system's condition.

Will a roof repair void my existing warranty?

If your roof was replaced within the past 5 years, it is highly recommended the original installer be consulted.  However, if the original installer does not require consulting and system is under manufacturer warranty, we are capable of upholding your warranty. All work performed will be performed to industry standards and manufacturer specifications.

Most leaks reported are during inclement weather. Can a repair be made during inclement weather?

It's true, many roofing products are not designed for use in inclement weather conditions. However, there are a few products that are used to temporarily seal many issues. Following the inclement weather, our team can return to properly install a permanent repair.

How is pricing calculated?

Often, our services are priced on a T & M (Time & Materials) basis.  For larger repairs and projects, a proposal is designed including scope of work with pricing for your consideration.

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